Website Design

Website Design Solutions are not just a one size fits all type of service. every business has unique differences. It is what sets you apart from your competition in the marketplace.

Our website design solutions capture what makes you different and presents it in a logical, relevant and appealing way as to increase your brand awareness to your site visitors.

Website Design Leesburg Florida

What is website design?
Website design is planning, creating and maintaining online content. Website design involves information architecture, website structure, user interface, easy use of navigation, website layout, colors, contrasts, fonts and imagery as well as icon design.

Want to Increase Sales With Your Website Design?

We take a marketing based approach to website design. That is – we work with you and help you define your customer and demographics, how you serve them and what message you want them to see. To stand out from your competition we need to effectively communicate your message and speak to your audience in a natural relevant way just as if they were sitting right in front of you.

Website Planning and Strategy

Planning your website design is just as important as any other business process:

  • Define Your Ideal Customer
  • Define The Competition
  • Assess Your Competition
  • Research Keywords
  • Determine Budget
  • It’s All About Conversions

If You Build It They Will Come

  • Relevant Content
  • User Signals
  • Technical Details
  • User Experience
  • Social Signals

Let’s be real – Building and succeeding as a small business owner is not easy. It takes hard work – Do you want your website designer to work less than you do?

According to Forbes the Biggest reason 90% of businesses fail is – They Make products Nobody Wants! Do you want a website nobody wants to look at?

Just as your product or service needs to be relevant and desired by consumers, so to does your website design. Your website is a direct reflection of not just your service or product but how you conduct your business. A successful website needs constant maintenance, analytics reviews and traffic research to make sure it is achieving the results outlined in the planning phase.

competitor research & analysis

  • One
  • Two

Fast Facts

In 2016, approximately 88.5% of the US Population used the internet to search for or do research on a business before calling or visiting. E-Commerce sales reached almost $395 BILLION, and continues to increase each year. Every single business should at the very least have a:

  • Professionally Designed Website – Not Homemade
  • Include Address, Phone Number and Hours
  • A Social Media Presence
  • Services/Products You Offer
  • Benefit of Doing Business With You

If you don’t you will eventually lose. Think of yourself and how many times you research a company, restaurant, or any business before you stop by or call them. That nice referral you just got from one of your customers to a friend who did research and tried to look you up is gone forever.