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Online Ad Management

Online Ad Management is not just about Google Pay-Per-Click. Yes, we have all heard about Google AdWords. We all see the ads all day long and yes many people find them annoying. Online Ad Management consists of much more though.

Online Advertising Management

How Can We Help With Online Ad Management?

EXPERIENCE… we have the expertise and knowledge to use platforms such as Googles AdWords Editor and Microsofts Bing Ads Editor. Certification Training is required each year to maintain our certifications in good standing.

Online Ad Management and Targeting

Identifying and knowing your target market is essential to any successful Online Ad Campaign. But exactly how can we target your ads?

  • Keyword Targeting and Match Types
  • Location – If your customers are within a 20 mile range of your business don’t target those 100, 200 or even 500 miles away.
  • Language – If your market speaks a certain language, then why target those that speak another language. Wasted Money…
  • Device Targeting – Sounds like it wouldn’t matter right. Wrong… think of your demographics and age groups, the younger generation favors mobile while the older generation may favor desktops.
  • Contextual, Placement and Topic Targeting
  • Audience Targeting – Market to users directly based on their searching habits and specified interests.

Target Your Market

Target Your Market With Online Ad Management

Online Ad Management Platforms make targeting your market down to the last detail more possible than ever before. YOU CONTROL THE COST.

The biggest advantage of marketing online is you completely control your cost. You also have complete control of who sees your ad. Online Advertising is Pro-Active. When you advertise with local media outlets; newspapers, radio and TV, you have no clue who sees your ad let alone the ability to pro-actively manage and track it.

Who manages your ad in the newspaper, radio or TV? Do you? NO… you have an input as to what it looks like or sounds like and it stops there. Our service gives you that same control but more. We professionally manage your ads to help you analyze and measure the results and recommend changes for better performance and increased sales.

Benefits of Online Advertising

Benefits of Online Ad Management

Control Your Ad Spend

You have built your business, you have a great product or service, and you have the best location in town. Where should you be putting your ad dollars to attract new customers that BUY. Here are some current numbers to look at before giving us a call.