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Business Consulting

Small Business Consulting That Provides Digital Solutions…

We specialized in working with small business owners reviewing current marketing strategies, budgets, goals and measured results. With 25+ years in internet marketing and offline marketing we have the SKILLS.

Experience in Real Estate, Mortgage Banking, Insurance Industry, Retail Sales, Restaurants and more our knowledge is translated to a cost effective approach to increasing your profits across all platforms integrated into your business.

MultiMedia Consulting Services

What is a small business consultant?

A small business consultant provides business owners with resources, advice and planning designed to improve an organization’s performance and efficiency. They are contracted employees that help businesses identify problems, implement solutions, and reach goals.

We provide the experience and skills that small business owners need. We deliver answers to questions that business owners can’t solve on their own, and don’t have the extra time to learn the technical skill set.

MultiMedia has experienced professionals with a proven track record of success and deep knowledge in specialized topics. This creates a unique opportunity for us to assist small business owners to understand the complexities of navigating a digital world.

Business planning & strategy

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new opportunities:

  • Discovery Phase – A look at how potential customers see your business online.
  • Online Marketing Strategy Outline – Highlight your objectives based on your specified budget.
  • Building Process – We create your designs and put the resources in place.
  • Implementation Time – Time to go live. This is where most consultants stop. NOT US!
  • Measure Results vs. Objectives – Testing and analytics will clearly show if results are being delivered.
  • Manage The Results – Time to adjust content, delivery and Call To Action changes to increase results and ROI.
Business Consulting Experts

We can help  transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want. The Internet is a very POWERFUL TOOL… are you getting the results you would like?

This is a great question. Most clients have tried working with another company in the past. The problem is that they stopped doing anything after the Implementation Phase. Here is where we are better. We provide regular monthly reporting that shows what the results have been as compared to the previous month.

This really depends on your current online presence and objectives. Having realistic and achievable GOALS is a must. We create these with you in Phase 2 so that we can achieve results as quickly as possible.

Research and Analyze Your Competition Online

Business Consulting With Results

Custom Business Consulting Plans

A strong business and marketing plan requires going beyond creating and implementing it. MMCG is dedicated to fulfilling the ongoing support required to ensure results. We understand you have a busy schedule so we have made it easy for you to schedule a time to talk and meet with us. It’s as simple as clicking the button below.

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