Our Mission As A Valued Provider

With the website design models ever changing it is difficult for small business owners to stay current on web design technology, mobile and AMP requirements, website speed and optimization. Google is ever changing the algorithms they use for Search Engine Rankings and how they crawl websites. With ID Theft Internet security for end users is now more important than ever in the past. Is your site secure?

Our quarter of a century in business; learning, recognizing and implementing changes and solutions that position our clients to take advantage of newer and innovative technologies. Website design and business branding is not a stagnant resource but an evolving business strategy. Our High Mission Standards has two primary goals: to keep you ahead of your competition and continue to evolve your online brand as search and social media technologies change.

  • Our values have never changed – they simply evolve.
  • All clients deserve our attention to detail – they get it.
  • Knowledge Is Power – We have it and share it.
MultiMedia Consulting Website Design Mission

Our focus is on making businesses more money through the use of Direct Response Web Design, Social Media, Video, Pay Per Click and Internet Marketing Services, with our core product being YOU.

MultiMedia Consulting Is True To It's Mission

Many or most website design companies create a Mission Statement. But do they adhere to it’s intent? Since 1992 MMCG has evolved it’s Mission in the website design industry to better meet the challenges of business owners. Change is inevitable in the technology industry, adaptation to change is key to maintaining that will have an impact.



MultiMedia Consulting understands the needs of today’s small business owner. Your goals become our goals – Grow Your Business


Relationships are not bought or paid for. They are built from the ground up through mutual respect, integrity and a fundamental interest in success.


Our passion is so intense you feel it when we meet. By continuing our education on the services that most affect your success we continue to better ourselves daily.


PASSION! Many of our clients come to us after working with another consultant or website design company and not getting the results they were expecting. They are not only frustrated but hesitant about working with anyone. Many even paid money for a project that was not what they envisioned or even worse was never finished. We would not be doing this for over a quarter of a century if we were not passionate about what we do, and if we did not deliver a quality designed website that works. Our clients entrust us to solve problems in a manner that is secure and confidential. Give us a call today and let us run an audit on your website. You may be very surprised at the results.

Tour Success Is Our Mission

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Frequently asked questions

MultiMedia Consulting and Website Design believes that all great things require planning. Just throwing a website online and hoping customers will come to you is simply not realistic. The first step is of course to contact us. We want to know about your business, its past and its future. Who is your customer? (demographics), Who is your competition? We leave that initial meeting or consultation on the same page as you. This consultation is the MOST IMPORTANT step of your new or make over website and online branding.

After our initial consultation we have a brain storming session on how our team is going to design and implement solutions to meet your specific goals and expectations. This includes us flow charting your website design, branding solutions, and social media influence.

We do not charge for our initial consultation and brainstorming session. Over 96% of the business owners we meet with decide to use our services. We are absolutely the MOST AFFORDABLE long term marketing partner you will ever have as part of your business team. Once you have said YES, we then collect a small retainer fee. This fee is based on a percentage of your overall project. We find that by collecting this retainer fee it joins us as true partners in the success of your project. The remaining costs is due in stages through your website design project and your final approval at each level of design. Final payment is due upon completion of your website design and its going live.

Most Definitely! We also offer maintenance services for websites we did not design. Our maintenance contracts vary from client to client and are custom made to fulfill your ongoing website design needs. From hosting your website, security, anti-virus and malware protection, software updates, daily back ups, SPAM prevention, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, to Social Media and Search Engine Optimization, our maintenance options will keep your website optimized to meet your goals.

Yes. We offer many services as a Full Service MultiMedia Agency. Here are just some of the services we offer:

  • Print Media, Flyers, Brochures, Letterhead and Business Cards.
  • Logo Designs
  • Print Ad Development
  • Social Media Ad Campaigns
  • Search Engine Ad Campaigns (AdWords and Bing/Yahoo)
  • Hosting Services
  • Security Certificates (SSL) A MUST HAVE

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