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The Importance of Bounce Rate

I’ve decided to just talk, rant and rave a little bit from time to time. I wanted to start out by talking a little bit about “Bounce Rate”. When I speak with clients, and unfortunately many others in the industry they don’t understand this term and what it actually means. Personally, I feel it is one of the most important metrics you should be looking at. When combined with other metrics you will know whether or not your website content is compelling readers to stay on your website and actually look at your products or services.

Are you looking to increase visitor engagement on your website? Then you’ll need to focus on this very important and often over looked metric.

Google defines Bounce Rate as; the percentage of bounced visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page).

So why is Bounce Rate so important. Basically it will tell you if your site visitors are finding the content and information they are looking for when they first come to your website. Your website could have a ton of traffic but if none of the traffic is converted into sales, new business or inquiries the traffic means nothing. What your visitors see when they first get their determines whether or not they will seek out other information within your website.

Bounce Rate Calculation

Bounce rate is calculated as follows: Bounce rate of a page = Total number of bounces on a page / Total number of entrances on the page.

Bounce Rate

So what is considered an ideal bounce rate? The general rule of thumb for a particular type of site:

  • Content Websites: 40-60%
  • Lead Generation: 30-50%
  • Blogs: 70-98%
  • Retail Sites:  20-40%
  • Service Sites: 10-30%
  • Landing Pages: 70-90%

Improving Your Bounce Rate

Choose the right keywords to match your content. Create multiple landing pages with unique content and keywords. Maintain top rankings for branded terms.
Write attractive, useful meta descriptions for search engines. Improve targeting of online advertising campaigns.

Make your text readable through sensible organization and the use of larger fonts, bulleted lists, white space, good color contrast, and large headlines. Don’t fill your content pages with a bunch of technical jargon that your reader will not understand. Instead reference terms using a glossary. Your content should be written using a Flesch reading Scale of no more than the 9th grade.

Page load time can be critical for your bounce rate. 40% of visitors to your website may leave if your site does not load within 3 seconds. Use little or no self-loading multimedia content. Set external links to open in new browser tabs or windows.

This may seem obvious but all to often the message gets lost in the content. Have an obvious main message and stick to it on each page. Other design elements to adhere to: use clear headers and sub-headers, tailor content to intended visitors,
use stylish copy and images, make your content error-free, and make sure to include a clear call-to-action and obvious links to next steps.

So What Is The Next Step?

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